I Never Send Money To Public Broadcasting

The radio is blaring and doing what it does best … it is asking for donations to keep “Our Favorite Programs” on the air.

I never give a dime to Public Broadcasting stations because they bill themselves as “American Public Television” but the most of what I hear is stuff being talked about by people with foreign accents and the ever-present and always iconic British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) who play a tremendous and seemingly ever-increasing part on so-called “American Public Broadcasting.”

I have nothing against BBC — and in fact, I like it a lot because they always tell the truth more so than most American newscasters … them and Deutsches Welle (DW) from Germany. But I don’t hear DW on Public Broadcasting here … it is usually on Cable TV. What gripes my ass is not the fact that BBC is on American Public Broadcasting stations … What gripes my ass that, as far as I can tell, there are so few “Americans” talking on “American” public broadcasting. So the fact is that I do not have any favorite programs on the PBS … in fact I listen to it as little as possible … and when I do listen to it it is because my friend and companion wants to listen to it …so I tolerate it, but I will never send a dime to support it.

Better than that … maybe worse than that … I don’t know … I am beginning to wonder if the PBS isn’t as much pure propaganda as most of the other broadcast outlets. I think I am safe in saying that they probably don’t tell us everything we should know either .. just like every other broadcaster.

I emember when there was no such thing as Public Broadcasting in the kind of format that we have it in today and we all got along just fine without it then and if it disappeared today, I think we would get along just as well as we always have even now.

27 thoughts on “I Never Send Money To Public Broadcasting

  1. Be very careful about trusting the BBC, John. The current director is a Boris Johnson appointee who donated millions to our Conservative party. Our news now has an ‘agenda’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. At least PBS is not owed by the corporations….I do not give but I do like the fact that they are damn sight more ‘public’ than the MSM….chuq

    • They like to make the public think their on air discussions are casual and spontaneous when it is pretty well obvious that not a word is spoken into a microphone at PBS unless it is read off a printed script … The way the “Actors” read some of those scripts sure is enough to convince some people that the actors are very well read and extremely intelligent. Once it dawns on listeners that no individual could ever possess as much knowledge as some of the programs lead people to believe, the PBS sham is more easily understood. And what is read has always been edited and the editing is designed to target a specific audience and to reflect somebody;s bias toward the issues being discussed — It is all very artfully done and the general public swallows it all in stride without ever thinking about what is occurring. And whose bias is it that is being served by the editing? It is those “Businesses” whose “Public Announcements” (Paid commercials) “Support” the stations where the programs are aired. Nothing in America is as it seems at first glance. The words that I have just written are my own opinion entirely but I think it all makes sense.

    • I want to take issue with your belief that PBS is not owned by corporations … All through their broadcast day they are constantly bombarding us with “Public Announcements” (More likely paid commercials) about this company or that company that provides artifical intelligence services or some other kind of service that people have to pay for … Do not try to convince me that these private businesses being touted as public announcements do not have significant influence on what they pay their money for on the PBS platforms. I think PBS ought to be stripped of all public funding and be made to operate on proceeds from advertising just like any other broadcast media. Then they would not be forced to make the insinuation that the people who “Support” them are not actually commercial advertisers trying to disguise themselves as something else.

      • Believe me…like you it is my opinion….nothing happens that does not involve cash….NO one entity is immune if they want to exist. chuq

                • With Russia and China building weapons systems fully capable of kicking our asses in a war while we sit on our asses doing nothing to expand our own capabilities, it is not time to cut funding to the pentagon but it is past time that we accelerate spending for the pentagon. I am not interested in seeing the United States get comfortable with what we have in the way of weapons systems and then have a pearl harbor incident occur that we would be unable to make an adequate response to and that is exactly where we are heading if we don’t get on the ball and start creating bigger and better weapons than anyone else in the world … especially China and Russia.

            • Well firstly, the law is explicit that “no public broadcast stations will make its facilities available to any person for the purpose of broadcasting any advertisements.” —- PBS is airing more and more advertisements everyday and they have plans to cut into the middle of some of their programming to ad additional 1 minute long advertisements … so PBS is already breaking the law … I say “Defund them immediately .. no more taxpayer money to their intransigent asses.”

              • I think those ads are acknowledgements of funding they got…..but is a moot point if hate is all there is. chuq

                • all ads are acknowledgement of moneys received … this outfit is trying to go commercial and they do not need to be doing it at the expense of taxpayers .. their talkinig heads receive outrageous salaries. They need to be re-named, “BBC Of America” and be done with it.

          • John boycotts are good….I boycott Morton,Chevy, Israel, Airbnb, and others…..so I understand the need to insert oneself…..chuq

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