Trying a New Brand of Fish and Chips

Today I am going to Arby’s fast food restaurant to try out their new “Fish and Chips” that they have been advertising on television lately. I have always been a big fan of fish and chips ever since I first was introduced to it at “Arthur Treacher’s” fish and chips restaurants many years ago.

Since hamburgers have become the big rage in The United States, good old-fashioned English-style fish and chips are getting very hard to find. So I am anxiously awaiting today’s culinary adventure, hoping that what I find is a generous portion of crisply-fried, golden brown fish and fresh french fried potatoes. If it is not as advertised on the television, I will be fast to shove it back at them onto their counter top and telling them that I want what was advertised on the television set. The last time I saw a great-looking fish sandwich on a television commercial, the TV ad showed a well-rounded fish filet, well-breaded and fried to that coveted golden brown color. When I was served, the sandwich contained a flat, limp, greasy, thin square of compressed processed fish and it was just warm as if it had been sitting under a heat lamp for an hour or more.

When I go for fast food, I want to be served food that is fast, hot and fresh. That is what I demand and I will settle for nothing less.

But I understand that is getting harder all the time to hire good help.

So I am going to go and see if the fish and chips being advertised stands up to the image portrayed on the television. If it does, I am going to be one happy camper.

Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “Trying a New Brand of Fish and Chips

  1. I hope you enjoyed it, John. We are having fish and chips tonight, home cooked, with fresh peas. (Petit pois) The main difference is that our fish is breaded, not battered. That is healthier, but nowhere near as tasty.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • The ones I referred to turned out to be small pieces of what appears to me to be compacted fish particles, perfectly formed into molded oblongs and coated with hush puppy breading — doesn’t feel like a natural product at all …

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