Many People Ignoring Life Saving Masks Again

I went to Kroger super market to cash in my winning Ten Dollar lottery ticket today and one of the first things I noticed was that there aren’t many people at all wearing their face masks even though the virulent BA-5 coronavirus is raging again. Those who oppose wearing masks and those who refuse to get their life-saving vaccines are ignorantly putting themselves and their loved ones … and all the rest of us … at high risk for getting the dangerous virus …. and they don’t seem to care whether they get it or who they spread it to … I cannot believe the ignorance and the arrogance of some of my fellow citizens. But there is apparently nothing that can be done to make them wear their masks or get their shots. They think it infringes on their freedoms. The government must think so to because they have stopped even trying to do things to protect the general public from these diseases. I do not care about the excuses that the maskless dredge up out of their mindlessness to excuse themselves. If I were the Power That Is, I would pass a law to arrest them all, lock them up and throw away the key until these viruses are no longer a danger to public health.

3 thoughts on “Many People Ignoring Life Saving Masks Again

  1. Since the relaxation of mask-wearing here, Covid infection numbers have increased. My wife works for our local doctor, and they are still wearing masks all the time at work.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • The maskless idiots will all manage to kill themselves sooner or later and then there will be no more pandemic fears.

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