To Dream The Dreams I Dream

By John on August 3, 2022 at 10:58 PM

In a dream, I find myself walking in a strange landscape that looks like a city at night. I think I know the city but it does not appear like any city that I have ever actually seen. It is a strange place, yet vaguely familiar. In my mind, I know that I have been there before but, for some reason, I cannot remember where anything is.

My deceased wife appears just as beautiful as I remembered her while she was yet alive .. even more gorgeous in the haze of the dream. We are suddenly at a table in an upscale restaurant waiting to place our order when suddenly the scene shifts and we are in an automobile travelling at great speed along the city streets and out into the countryside.

The car keeps increasing in speed but we keep it under control ….passing wooded areas … passing dark houses with dim lights inside. I want to go into the houses to see who is there but something warns me that I do not wish to see what is inside the houses … a sense of dread ….and so the car keeps moving on until it becomes a helicopter, flying very high and slow over the lights of a city far below.

My wife is adjusting her lipstick as her hand reaches over to fondle me in sensitive places and I feel the warmth of her love flushing me, erecting me, taunting me.

Suddenly the dream begins to slowly fade away and I sense it and it is a sad feeling ….and I hear her speaking softly, “I have to go now.”

All so strange … all so beautiful in some mysterious way.

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