It Has Been A Great Day

My day started with a huge portion of country ham and scrambled eggs. Lunch was a large fried pork chop with scalloped potatoes. I had butter chip and toffee ice cream for dessert all day long. I have chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer but I only tasted that one today.

Having fought excess weight for years without any success, I have decided to accept myself the way I am and go ahead and enjoy the rest of my life. I do not have to impress anyone anymore; actually I have never had to impress very many people … on the contrary, with my position in life there were many people who had to impress me … and who also had to do a lot of major ass kissing in order to get me to open my wallet. LOL.

I have wasted obscene amounts of money on other people during my lifetime but I also got their best efforts from them and this, in turn, profited me mightily. It is always better to be in a position where people are beholding to you than it is to be beholding to other people. That is one of the major mantras of my life.

The best way to get other people to become beholding to you is to adhere to that old standard of business success, “Find a need and then fill it.” Actually, I have found that the very act of finding a need to fill has led to filling many other needs for many people… the more you dwell on such a search, the more doors open and the more opportunities to be of service open … and it is the act of being of valuable service to the greatest number of people that insures one’s good fortunes.

So today, I went to a store and bought another set of 5 scratch off lottery tickets for a total cash outlay of Fifty Dollars. I won One Hundred dollars. This accounts for about Three Hundred dollars that I have won this week already. I don’t know why I am obsessed with winning these damned little lottery things. I really am in no need of money. Maybe it is the feeling of dominance that comes from the act of winning. That is probably the truth … maybe I get a little pleasurable tingle in the groin when I win. That has to be it!

So do I have a system or a strategy for the scratch off tickets? Yes I do and I will share it with you but I have to warn you that nothing is guaranteed. What works for me may never work for you so never gamble any money that you cannot afford to lose. I can do it because I have a shitload of reserves. Not everyone is as fortunate as I am in this regard so please, do not get the gambling habit and do not squander any more than you can afford to lose and remember what works for me probably will not work for anybody else.

What is my strategy?

I always buy the number of tickets that is equal to the lowest payout for winners on the game that I am playing at the time. So if the lowest payout on a ticket is Ten Dollars, and the cost to purchase the ticket is Ten Dollars or less, then I buy 10 of them. By doing this, I have had more hits in the last couple of months than I have ever had and so far, my winnings have paid for my losses and I have only lost the stake I allow myself twice in the process.

Let me reiterate that all lottery games operate on completely random results and the results are impossible to predict so my system assures nothing … I have just been extremely lucky. In fact, I have been extremely lucky — “Blessed” if you prefer — for most of my life. I did go bankrupt once when I was in business and that was not a fun time … but it passed … I recovered … things got back on track …and are still back on track … I do not worry about money anymore … I just keep track of it nowadays. But today I subsist on the proceeds from annuities and from casual non-taxable resources …but that is another story.

The day has been good as I said before … the air conditioning is working well … that is a blessing… I hate excess heat but I think I do prefer it over excess cold. I am figuring that our heating bills will be out of sight this winter because of the opportunists taking advantage of the war in Ukraine and the Pandemic and any other damned excuse they can find to shove it up the rear ends of unsuspecting and often helpless consumers …. but what the Hell? What else is new?

3 thoughts on “It Has Been A Great Day

  1. You had some nice food, and the lottery win was a good bonus too. Sounds like it was a ‘win-win’ day, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Sounds like a good plan….just eat well and exercise when you can…..all you can do. I truly love country ham….good luck with the lotto thing. chuq

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