An Ear For Politics

Everybody who knows anything at all about me knows that the subject that I write most about is “Politics.” Now I want to share a sort post containing a couple of my personal ideas about politics — and I believe you will find these impressions pretty much bi-partisan with a couple of exceptions, of course.

For starters, I have heard it said that compassion and mercy must be compatible with politics because it this is not true then there is something profoundly wrong with politics.

This is why my politics tend to be on the left side of centrism …. because I do not believe that Republican politics contain any form of either mercy or compassion but are completely selfish and self-serving.

Politics is something that we all have to contend with on a daily basis so it is also something, if we are responsible citizens, we have to think about a great deal as well.

Even though we have to think about politics a lot, thinking about them can be frustrating, stress-building and even painful.

With what I just said in mind, it seems good to my way of thinking that here in America, we have the freedom to ignore thinking about politics if we want to.

I think there are a lot of people here in The United States already practice ignorance of politics. I do not know if they ignore the politics because it is convenient to do so or because they hate to actually think and politics forces people to think. Then there is the case of the Republicans, who, as a group, I do not believe can think very efficiently at all … and sometimes not at all.

Can you spot my bias about now?

Yes, politics is something like war … especially in America where politicians are fighting and bickering each day … Politicians in America seem to be always at war with one another and sometimes I believe they are at war against our very democratic system. That, I believe, is why Hungarian dictator, Viktor Orban is invited to share his political views with his adoring fans at the CPAC meetings.

5 thoughts on “An Ear For Politics

  1. The fact that they associate with people like Orban tells you all you need to know about the modern Republican Party.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • They are not associating with Orban, they are idolizing Orban …and Trump loves Orban and Duerte and other like minded assholes … and Trump is lurking to return again …

  2. Orban is a goose stepping fascist……and since he was invited by CPAC that makes them fascists as well…..ignorance plays well in GOP politics……the number you are the harder you fight for stupid policies. Enough said. chuq

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