Plays Once and Wins One Million Dollars

Waiting to get rich by playing lottery games is a long-shot proposition but the fact is that some people get lucky. The first time I ever played, I bought three tickets for two dollars each hoping to hit it big and win the Million dollar jackpot.

I did not win the Million Dollar jackpot but I did hit four out of the five required numbers and got a payout of Five Hundred Dollars. Of course that swelled my head a little bit and made a believer out of me. So now I still continue to play and I do win small prizes on a more or less regular basis.

But there was one winner in Minnesota who did win a million dollars on his first time playing the lottery. — HERE IS HIS STORY. I had to make my first million the hard way … by working. I worked for what I got and I have to admit that being in business is also a gamble. So by working and being in business I did get a big payday eventually and then lost it all by making some bad decisions …. but I was able to pick myself, dust myself off and start all over again.

That is when I really knew that God is the God of a second chance.

2 thoughts on “Plays Once and Wins One Million Dollars

  1. Sue buys scratch offs….she is fairly lucky but never more than $20 at a time… I am pleased with my life and do not need the thrill of the wait to see if I am a winner. chuq

  2. I play the UK National Lottery on Saturday nights. It costs me £8 a month online, but I have never won more than £10, or a ‘Lucky Dip’ entry for the second draw on Wednesdays.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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