The Woman With Rainbow Hair

There once was a woman who wanted to have rainbow hair more than anything she could think of. She thought about it every day and every night. The vision of herself with the most beautiful rainbow hair … with lots of vivid beautiful colors … became an obsession.

So she visited a well-known hair stylist and asked to have her hair colored in all the bright and vivid hues of a rainbow.

She reminded the hairdresser that she did not want pastel colors but that she wanted the deepest and most vibrant colors possible.

The hairdresser pondered the request for a few moments and then agreed that she could do what the woman wanted.

With the greatest sense of satisfaction and longing anxiety, the woman settled comfortably down in the hairdresser’s chair and dozed off to sleep, dreaming of her wonderful rainbow-colored hair.

Soon enough, it came time for the big reveal.

The hairdresser gave the woman a mirror to hold in her hand so that she could see her wonderful rainbow-colored hair.

The hairdresser slowly lifted the steaming warm towel off the woman’s head.

The woman’s heart began to beat with excitement … this was the time … this was the day for dreams to come true.

Suddenly the hair stylist’s parlor was filled with a high-pitched scream that went on for several seconds.

The woman stared in horror at her beautiful rainbow-colored scalp.

All the hair was gone.

It never came back either.

So the woman eventually got herself a rainbow-colored wig.

Today, with her new brightly-colored rainbow wig and the Million dollars she got from a legal settlement with the beauty parlor, she is a happy camper.

Now she is thinking, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have several rainbow-colored tattoos all over my body?”

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