The young man sat staring intently at the other young man on the passenger side of an automobile stopped at a stoplight — an automobile that was headed in the opposite direction as he himself was.

The other young man sat still in his seat in the automobile, never moving, staring straight ahead, never noticing that he was being stared at.

“That is odd,” the staring young man thought to himself, “That dude hasn’t moved a muscle for a couple of minutes now and he has never turned to look at me even once.”

As the traffic light changed to green again, and as both cars began to move …the “Other” young man still didn’t move a muscle.”

The man on the driver’s side did wave, however … he waved and smiled as he and his staring, motionless companion moved off into the distance.

When the staring young man got home, hours later, he casually picked up his newspaper.

The headline on the newspaper was about a man who had been arrested that very morning while driving around the city with a corpse in his vehicle.

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