Weapons Against Inflation

Prices are sky high ….. people are struggling ….. people are suffering …..Inflation is rampant everywhere and it seems there is no end in sight.

People are confused, people are afraid ….. “Will I have a home tomorrow? ….. Will I be able to afford my medicine this month?” …..”Will I pay the water bill this month or will I buy enough groceries to get us through?”

So will help come? Where will help come from?

It seems like the government is powerless to do much of anything except to raise interest rates and pass massive spending bills that they hope will drive inflation downward.

So what if some government program does manage to lower inflation? Will it be enough? Will it come soon enough to make a difference? What if the government programs make little or no difference ….. to anybody but the wealthy. Isn’t that how America rolls …. rob the poor to feed the rich?

There was a time — a long time ago — when if Americans got pressed too hard against the walls, they would rise up, organize themselves and do something about the situation.

That is how the Labor Unions were formed. That is how boycotts came to be.

I would like to talk about strikes for a minute or two.

Strikes have historically been a formidable weapon used by the weak to soften or eliminate the greed and avarice of some of the strong.

To go on strike basically means, “Refuse to go to work.” That has been the traditional definition of a strike.

It has been demonstrated many times that if angry people affect the pocketbooks of those who take advantage of them for too long a time by going on strike over some issue, then good things happen … the weak more often than not find relief from their sufferings …. all because they had the courage to stand up for their rights against oppressive taskmasters.

I have a few thoughts about how one form or another of a strike might help with the current inflation problem.

If Greedy merchants start noticing that customers are no longer shopping in their stores then something is going to happen … either the merchants will start lowering prices or they will shut their doors.

I believe that really big merchants will be far more willing to lower a few prices to soothe the ruffled feathers of customers who boycott them long enough than they will be willing to place their multi-million dollar businesses in danger of bankruptcy.

Just a personal note here ….. I do not wish to be a rabble-rouser ….. heaven forbid! But I would really like to see some people marching and waving their signs and talking through their bull horns and picketing some of the places that think it is fun to raise prices on their merchandise above what the average working person can pay.

I remember many years ago when meat went out of sight and hamburger that had traditionally sold for as little as 99 cents per pound went to a dollar and twenty-five cents per pound and then to two dollars per pound and finally just a little over four dollars per pound … and that was in the later part of the 1970s as I recall.

It wasn’t too long before the stores were importing ostrich meat and buying beef from Argentina to pacify the virtual horde of customers who simply let the over-priced meat in the stores rot in the cases and on the shelves.

The greed mongers tried the same thing with coffee and peanut butter too … and the customers rebelled and stopped buying either of them.

Trust me when I tell you that in due course, prices started dropping again and customers had plenty of price wars going on to help them save money.

I am thinking that if enough Americans get hungry enough, the citizens themselves will take things into their own hands and do every legal possible thing to get the attention of the inflation-driving scoundrels who love to profit off the blood, sweat, and tears of Americans.

Americans have always met every challenge head-on and have found the solutions to their greatest problems. I think this spirit is in the very nature of what it means to be an American and I believe it will be the citizens who ultimately bail us out of the current mess too.

3 thoughts on “Weapons Against Inflation

  1. While I support strikes and protests and boycotts……I do not think it will make much difference right now…..the media will make sure that inflation stay in the news….makes good fodder for drive the conversation…..eventually the people may rise up but by then it may be too late. chuq

  2. ‘Voting with your wallet’ has been a tried and tested protest here, John. When the ‘Big 4’ supermarkets started to sell everything at the same high prices, people started to shop at the ‘Basic’ supermarkets. It wasn’t long before the Big 4 had to introduce ‘Price Match’, and sell at the same price as the Basics.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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