The World Will Not Come To An End

(August 8, 2022 at 3:36 PM) —– The world is not going to come to an end if I stop writing on my blog and it is not going to come to an end if people stop reading my blog because when the rubber hits the road, I am not much of anybody any and my opinions about things aren’t any better than anybody else’s opinion on things, so I guess I will do things my way and let the cards fall where they may.

I hear that the Chinese got pissed off because old Nancy Pelosi made a pit stop in Taiwan and now the Chinese are doing war games, shooting missiles over Taiwan and surrounding them with naval vessels and looking threatening and warlike and I guess all this is intended to make the Taiwanese shit their pants in fear and bow down to the aggressors …. and, of course, the United States is keeping a wary eye on all the shit that is happening wondering whether or not there is going to be a war in the Straits of Taiwan and whether or not the Military/Industrial Complex is going to get involved …. along with God only knows how many other Americans and our allies.

If America does ever get into a war with China, are our armaments big enough and bad enough to prevail or have we sat on our asses too long not upgrading our ships and planes and bombs and missiles and guns and allowed the Chinese war masters to outstrip us?

Do you think old Putin would throw in with the Chinese if we got into a war over there? I have always worried about the possibility of a Russo-Chinese war machine coming against us in a war someday. It has been one of my biggest nightmares.

Don’t worry about reading this shit because I am just venting and there isn’t a damned thing that I or anyone else like me can do to prevent idiots from setting the planet on fire with their ignorance and idiocy in high places anyway, so what the Hell?

I have got enough on my plate just trying to figure out how much hamburger I can buy with a million dollars because I think that if some assholes don’t wake up and smell some roses, it is going to come to that.

I see Google is still ignoring me and at this point and I don;t give a shit about that either. I am sure that sooner or later all the people who are supposed to be reading my blog will find it and mark it and visit often and leave comments and make me feel loved and cared for …LOL … I already have some such wonderful friends and they know who they are … and just this month, a few more have shown up to dive into my crap here and I am so happy about that that I could sweat honey drops.

I managed to develop a split toenail on my big toe this week so I guess I will have to make an appointment with the VA to see about that. Thank God for the VA!

I was practicing what it would be like to be forced to eat inflation (Recession) rations today so I had an old hillbilly standby for lunch … bread with hamburger gravy and onions and it was good.

Yes, the whole meal was white bread covered with hamburger gravy with hot coffee on the side.

I also sneaked a little ice cream too. Am I bad or what? I have to stop that kind of stuff because I woke up weighing 246 pounds this morning and that is crap! I do not need to be weighing 246 pounds!

I’m working on it.

2 thoughts on “The World Will Not Come To An End

  1. I doubt Russia and China would become allies in any war. They both have their own agendas, so might sit back and see how the West copes with fighting one of them.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. John I say again…..Screw Google….do what you like…..the original po-boy was day old french bread day old potatoes with gravy….sold for a nickle…..the older I get the more weight likes my ass, LOL….I like your stuff so screw those that do not. chuq

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