FBI Raids Trump’s Beautiful Home

The FBI is reported to have raided Trump’s “Beautiful Home” in Mara Lago and, according to the former president, even “Broke into my safe.”

My response to this dreadful intrusion?

My response is, “Tee Hee!”

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If you are used to failing to open links on this blog, this link is one that I think you will find entertaining.

One would think that they could leave the poor old guy alone after all he did for the country!


3 thoughts on “FBI Raids Trump’s Beautiful Home

  1. Let’s hope they find enough evidence to finally charge him with something that he can’t slip out of.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • They can find all the evidence in the world but nothing can be done until intent is proven. So I think this worm is going to wiggle free once again.

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