Not Enough, I Need More

The man looked down at the sand and picked up a handful of it.

Gazing intently at the handful of sand, he wondered silently how many grains of sand were in his hand.

“Not enough” he muttered.

So he bought the rest of the desert.

But on arriving back at his home, he quickly discovered that he had no place to keep the desert he had just bought.

So he bagged it up in individual packages and sold it to China.

It took a million ships to get the sand to China, but in due time it was done.

China used the sand to build more artificial coastal islands.

The man who sold the desert to China went looking for something else to fill up the hole where the desert was.

Finding nothing satisfactory, the man imported tons and tons of water and created an artificial sea.

Now the man spends his days floating on his sea and counting the money he made from selling the desert in the first place.

The last words I heard that man say were, “Not Enough!”

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