Old Jake Rose Arose

Rubbing his eyes as he awoke to the shrill sound of his new alarm clock, young Jake Rose was amazed …. as he always was …. about how very early in the morning it was.
Jake had a lifelong habit of setting his alarm clock and then arising from bed at a very early hour.

Jake did this religiously, never missing a morning of getting up way before the rising of the Sun … even before the old Rooster crowed.

This was his ritual … a ritual that he never missed performing.

Jake was very satisfied with himself because he could actually set the alarm and get up before most of the world was awake.

He took pride in it.

He was driven to do it.

The funny thing is that Jake never once in his life ever had a job or had to adhere to a schedule of any kind.

He never ever had any plans at all to do anything productive … except to wind that alarm clock up, set it, wait for it to go off and then get out of bed and wind it up all over again.

He did that routine faithfully and un-erringly until the day he died.

And with all those many years of practice, he had become damned good at it too.

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