Something’s Gotta Give

Water pollution is getting worse all over the world. One of the biggest problems is when drinking water gets polluted.

Fancy water purification systems do a good job for towns, villages and cities but they can’t get everything. There will always be the possibility for trace amounts of lead and thousands of other people’s flushed medications getting into the water we drink.

City sewer systems draining into rivers, lakes and streams does not help much either because some of the sludge always seems to make it into the ground water and the aquifers.

There are plenty of hazards to the water we drink. I have often advocated that people keep a home water testing kit at hand.

It is getting to the point now where the chemicals in the water from all the factories and sewers are making their way into the fish and other seafood that we consume.

In the place where I live, the local river conservancy district has warned us not to eat more than a quarter pound of fish per month …. from the very fish taken from our own local river. (Even the wild geese refuse to land there and there used to be hundreds of them most of the time.).

The sooner the pollution is checked, the better. But don’t depend on any Republican politicians to do anything about it because Republicans would dearly love to do away with The Environmental Protection Agency and anything else the government might want to do to protect the health of our fellow Americans.

1 thought on “Something’s Gotta Give

  1. In the UK, they add flouride to the water supply. In country areas like Beetley, the local water is good. However, in large cities, there is always a risk of sewage contamination, so many people drink bottled water.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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