Pitching Tents On Public Land Is Now A Felony In Tennessee

According to the news that I have been reading, if a homeless person pitches a tent on Public Lands in the state of Tennessee, then that person can face felonly charges that can get him or her imprisoned for Six years or cost a Three Thousand Dollar Fine.

Some of the homeless people facing this draconian potential are saying that the government is on a campaign to make survival impossible for the homeless …. others see it as a first step toward putting all the homeless people into internment camps — or worse.

I can see the government’s point because if you have ever been in an area rife with homelessness, you already know the amounts of garbage, trash and litter they have been known to discard and leave behind, turning originally fairly pristine areas into common dumps.

On the other hand, a person has to wonder how the problems associated with homelessness should be handled because I think that with unending runaway inflation, we are going to see an exponential increase in the number of homeless as the greed mongers continue to eat up the very lives of struggling people.

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I think America is thinking about criminalizing homelessness. If that happens, who is going to pay for all the prisons or concentration camps that will be needed to house the homeless and control their activities? You know who is going to pay … it will be YOU and me, the Taxpayers … and we will be having enough problems keeping our own heads above the water because of the inflation.

So what’cha gonna do, when they come for you?

3 thoughts on “Pitching Tents On Public Land Is Now A Felony In Tennessee

  1. Camping in large public parks became a problem in London when I still lived there. The police would constantly move on the homeless campers, but it was not an arrestable offence then. They could have been issued with fines for littering, but they would never have paid them.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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