Getting Stiff

As we age, our muscles and tendons and bones take a whipping. They start to lose their youthful suppleness. People of advanced age may notice that they are not as fast as they once were … a little bit stiff when getting out of bed in the morning …a little slower in walking …

I can testify to the fact my feelings of “Old Age” snuck on me like a thief in the night. One year I was athletic … power walking … weight lifting …calisthenics ….feeling good about myself and even bragging about it to others at times.

This year, all of a sudden and without warning, I had days when I felt like I could barely walk …. legs feeling achy, feeling heavy on my feet …unwilling to get outside and walk or run or jog … But my oxygen levels are good and my temperature is good and I do not feel sick or anything … but I did go through a mild case of covid-19 and all this might have something to do with it.

In any event, I am watching my diet better now …. fish and vegetables … lots of vegetables … mostly raw vegetables ….fruit ….water … at least 5 glasses of water a day …..chicken …. lean meats baked, broiled, never fried. Whole grains …. the basic 5 food groups in moderation.

This is what is happening with me. I don’t know what anyone else is experiencing and I am not suggesting that anybody reading this copy any of the stuff I talk about …. If you have concerns about your own situation you need to speak to your personal physician …. never rely on anything I say … I am not an expert ….

I do know that I have to get back to doing at least 15 minutes of some kind of exercise each day or I feel like I might end up unable to move at all one of these days.

2 thoughts on “Getting Stiff

  1. I am younger than you at 70, but I can relate. I can still walk for long periods, with or without Ollie, but my physical strength seems to have abandoned me. I now find it much harder to do simple things like lifting heavy shopping bags, or hammering in a nail. As for changing a car wheel, I gave that up a long time ago, and now use a car breakdown club if I get a puncture.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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