Kiss The Rule Of Law In America Goodbye

Republicans once stood firm in support of the rule of law in American government. It is becoming increasingly clear to me that the only law today’s bunch of Republicans are interested in is their own … their own law and their own interpretation of the law. I believe today’s Republicans and their leaders truly believe they are a law unto themselves.

I also fear that as events have been going in the past few years, the Republicans and their rogues might just end up controlling every facet of American life with a new and horrendous form of government more like Third World fascism than democracy. I believe current events — such as the recent raid on Mara Lago (Former President Trump’s palatial palace in Florida) and the government’s response (Or lack thereof) to it are playing straight into the hands of treasonous people who want to overthrow our government, take it over and create a new order of oppression for the future.

Republican rage over the MaraLago incident is froth-at-the-mouth vicious and they are even threatening to defund the FBI if they get elected in 2024.

When I heard about them talking about defunding the FBI, it occurred to me that the FBI is one of the main government agencies responsible in great degree for protecting America from take over by foreign interests.

A light went off in my head.

I am remembering how much the former president admires Soviet President Putin … even seeming to side with him against Ukraine … calling him “Smart” because of his military operation in Ukraine.

I am remembering the Mueller Report and the concern that most of the people I knew had about any possible dealings with Russia that could be proven against Trump.

I have watched and listened to countless news reports about how much the former President admires foreign dictators like the headman at North Korea and the Hungarian, Orban and others.

I am remembering how Trump wanted to get the USA out of NATO at a time when his friend, Putin, is engaged in a senseless, unprovoked war with a neighboring country. (And when experts — what the hell ever an expert is ….) are talking about the potential of Putin having plans to eventually invade other countries as well …. in some kind of scheme to reignite the former Tsarist Soviet Empire.

Imagine now, if you can, a new Trump Presidency wherein the Republicans are successful in weakening or dismantling the FBI ….one of the agencies responsible for protecting us against foreign domination.

That is what they are saying they are going to do.

Imagine the advantage that such a move would be to somebody like Putin.

Do you think for a moment that some foreign dictator would not take every possible advantage of such a situation?

Are you beginning to believe, as I am believing, that all that is happening right now is somehow connected to the underlying agenda of the Republican agenda to destroy American democracy and rebuild the nation from the ashes into something dark and dangerous for all of us who call America home and for the world in general?

The scary thing, as far as I am concerned, is that Trump rhetoric seems to have brainwashed nearly a Third of Americans who now look to me like they are fanatic supporters of the kind of agenda that I have just spoken about.

What do YOU think?

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13 thoughts on “Kiss The Rule Of Law In America Goodbye

  1. I have written several times about the possibility of the dismantling of our republic…..the GOP is trying and may well succeed while the voter stands by and does little……kiss it good-bye. chuq

  2. If they get rid of the FBI, then only the US Marshals would be able to enforce the law in any state. That would hand back most policing to the states individually, and bring back a return to the days when criminals could seek sanctuary and freedom from arrest in a different state where they had not committed a crime.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Exactly and it would also open the door for Putin’s agents inside the USA to build their base and win elections and take over the country. We have 80 million fools who would vote for them and I believe we have a politician (Once president) who would hand them the keys to open the doors.

  3. Dear John,

    There is no doubt that this raid by the FBI has attracted a great deal of attention. If the past is still a reliable guide on Trump’s behaviour, then one could reasonably conclude that the twice-impeached ex-POTUS would plot his revenge on the FBI and the DOJ if he were to reign in the oval office again.

    Yours sincerely,

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