U.S. Veterans Getting Captured By Russians In Ukraine

I understand compassion and that is probably the reason why some Veterans of the U.S. Military Services have decided to uproot themselves, leave their jobs and leave their families to go to Ukraine to fight against the Russian invaders.

But reports I have been reading are saying that more and more of these brave souls are getting themselves captured by Russians on the frontlines over there.

Surely they knew the risks they would be taking before they ever left home … don’t you imagine?

I do not wish to demean these brave Americans in any way, shape or form but I have to ask the question, “Isn’t it reasonable to believe that their families should be more important than any combat mission these veterans might choose to undertake in a foreign country?

What happens to the family who is left behind when the hero goes off to Ukraine to fight Russians and gets captured or killed?

I just don’t understand what motivates this kind of sacrifice.

Somebody has to explain it to me.

2 thoughts on “U.S. Veterans Getting Captured By Russians In Ukraine

  1. People have often fought in foreign wars for what they believed to be ‘good causes’. During the Spanish Civil War that began in 1936, 60,000 non-Spanish civilians volunteered to fight for the Republic against Franco, and over 10,000 were killed in action or executed by the Nationalists. That included many Americans who served in The Lincoln Batallion.
    ‘The Lincoln Battalion integrated white and black volunteers on an equal basis. Of the approximately 3,015 volunteers from the US, 681 were killed in action or died of wounds or sickness.’
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • I think it is criminal for a husband or a wife and a father or a mother to leave their family to go off to foreign wars.

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