The Simplest Little Things

I awoke this morning to the blaring of a telephone somewhere down a darkened hall, so I bolted from bed, threw on a robe and raced to see what all the fuss was about. About the same time, I almost ran straight into the house boy coming up the spiral staircase. I don’t normally answer phones but this was the one with the direct line to corporate … one where everybody has been instructed never to use unless there is some kind emergency.

It appears that at about 2:30 in the morning, every computer in the entire complex suddenly froze and refused to accept passwords.

The IT guys were already on it, but they were scratching their heads because the operating system was fine, the computer was up and running and responsive so the only other thing it might have been was some kind of hack on the operating system itself…. but that was highly unlikely because there are a shitload of sophisticated anti viral programs attached to everything in our place with a keyboard.

So the only thing left to do was to examine the hundreds of wires, cables and cords attached to every piece of equipment in the building …a painstaking process that might have taken days or even weeks for that matter.

I heard a beeping coming from the forensic scanner and I could not believe what I was reading there.

The entire problem happened because one single little usb cable had become detached from the master keyboard.

Plugged it in and the whole damned installation awoke and came alive and all was well again … just like that … in about two seconds of time ….

I need a nap.

4 thoughts on “The Simplest Little Things

  1. My tech support is always on the payroll and immediately available and he speaks perfect English and earns a base salary of Ninety-Nine dollars per hour plus travel expenses and he is damned good and I am privileged to have him on board. His name is Curt.

    • A houseboy is a paid domestic associate who tends to such things as answering doors, shopping, acting as occasional chauffer, collecting mail, supervising maids …answering telepones …arranging wardrobes …making beds …you know, the little annoyances that are necessary for running an organized domicile.

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