14 August 2022

Cabin In The Woods — https://pixabay.com/photos/cabins-in-the-woods-carcassonne-1644338/

After we got our computers up and running again from the great glitch that I talked about yesterday, I spent a few minutes … many minutes actually …. trying to convince my friend, Jimmy, to try his hand at the computer keyboard.

Jimmy has been computer resistant for a long time. I am always threatening to buy one for him and he is always reminding me that he is too nervous to try to work on a computer. He always tells me, “I would certainly mess it up quickly.”

I keep trying to tell him that today’s computers are almost completely “Idiot Proof” and that it would be tough for him to do anything that would harm the machine. He says, “If there is a way for me to fuck a computer up, I am the one who will definitely find it.”

So Jimmy is still kind of “Computer Brickle) but I keep on keeping on! Someday I think he will break over and try the old keyboard. I am certain that if he ever summons the courage to do that, he will come to enjoy himself. (I amazed that he actually drives an automobile and has electric lights in his own house) I think if it were up to Jimmy (Who hates change) he would still be riding a horse and reading by the light of kerosene lamps.

Jim is not computer brickle

I am sometimes amazed at how many computers I have in our living space. I have this custom-built desktop 27-inch-screen thing that I do most of this blog work with and then there is a 24-inch-screen Chrome desktop and there is an older 27-inch, HP all-in-one desktop that I use as a standby if the personal computer ever goes down. In addition, there are 4 or 5 different computers in our outside lounge and reading area. Does that mean that I am computer crazy or something?

Jimmy has been hinting that we should go somewhere for a weekend and rent a cabin in a state park or somewhere and just relax and enjoy the inherent beauty of the state in which we live. A few years ago, we did manage to get a tent and some camping gear and spend a week in the Red River Gorge area of Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky and it was the hottest week of August. I remember always being on the alert for any stray copperhead snakes because that region is always infested with them. Luckily we never saw any at all during the time we were there.

Jim and I are close …. kind of a bromance perhaps …just close friends …companions … We share living space … the house is big enough for sure … seperate bedrooms … separate bath rooms …sort of like individual little suites … saves a ton of money sharing the space … expenses are never a problem ….so far money has bever been a problem …We do watch a lot of movies on Netflix and on Amazon Prime and You Tube and Tubi streaming services …. In fact, on most nights that is what we do …. we have dinner and go into our little theater room and watch movies from approximately 8:00 PM to somewhere around 10:30 almost every night and then on to bed.

We do not have pets. We had two darling little finch birds for about 5 years but they both lived out their life span and died. They are buried in specially-constructed miniature coffins in little burial vaults under a concrete slab on which are poised two small concrete guardian angel statuettes very close to our house …. in the back yard ….and we always keep flowers … sometimes fresh (In season) and sometimes artificial (In the off-season) on their little grave.

Little Pet Finch Birds

But the passing of our beloved little feathered friends was so traumatic that both of us vowed that we would never have another pet because the emotional distress over losing them is too great. So far, we have kept that vow.

7 thoughts on “14 August 2022

  1. I am an old fart and I have embraced the PC…..makes my life easier when doing research….I guess it all depends on the person…..my home has 4 laptops, 2 tablets……chuq

  2. It is good that you have Jimmy for company, and that he has you. Three computers should be more than enough for anyone, John. I have my PC, and a Tablet. So far, that is all I have ever needed.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • I don’t really need that many either ..but …I guess I am either obsessive or a hoarder of some kind ..

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