DOJ Under Fire To Release More Information About Seized Documents

People from both sides of the political aisle have been trying to get the Department of Justice to unseal the sensitive “Affidavit” concerning the documents that the FBI recently took from former President, Trump’s palatial Mar A Lago palace. There have even been court cases filed in some of these attempts to get more information. So far, the DOJ is having none of it, maintaining that the investigation is ongoing and intimating that unsealing the affidavit right now would have the potential for doing something adverse to the efforts of law enforcement to get at the truth of the allegations surrounding this matter.

I have my opinions about all this stuff and I believe that, at the present time, there is probably too much desire on the part of some Americans to see all this rumbling ending up with the former president going to jail. The Court of Public Opinion can be a fickle thing, it can be a dangerous thing, and I am glad that it does not make the decisions about who is going to be held accountable for what in this country.

And as to the rabid Trump supporters who are screaming about the Mar A Lago search party being part of the great witch hunt that the former president is always talking about, let me say this: They are among the most vocal about releasing more information but I sometimes wonder that if you put a hundred of them in a barrel and shook it, that you would find a single brain in the bunch capable of understanding what is really happening with all this Mar A Lago stuff. I think the only thing they understand is that their idol seems to be in trouble with the government for something they all will consider to be false allegations ….and I don’t think there are very many of those who would ever consider a notion that their “Dear President” could ever be involved in anything even the least bit shady or questionable.

Listening to the former president talking about all that is going on, I am heartily tempted to agree with the guy whose comment I read somewhere where he said, “First he says he didn’t know what was in the boxes, that they were sent to him, then that he declassified those documents …. that he didn’t know about. He certainly knew they were classified when they were subpoenaed weeks ago and he failed to return them.”

That seems a little wishy-washy to me … It sounds to me like somebody is frantically changing their story pretty often. It sounds like somebody is trying to throw handfuls of shit against a wall to see what sticks.

What I want to know is, “Was the former president rapidly declassifying the sensitive materials and then having them transported to Mar A Lago and then inviting foreign representatives in for a little visit? I would hate to think such a thing might be possible but I have to ask the question because the entire thing seems stranger than fiction to me. It certainly does feel like a literary spy thriller or something of that nature.

Is there anybody anywhere who thinks that Trump’s attorneys might need to hire their own lawyers somewhere along the line before this is all said and done?

Another thought just occurred to me … tongue in cheek of course …. If the government wants to get to the bottom of this … if they really want answers to everything …. why don’t they just ask Trump himself?

I think I can set everybody’s minds at ease concerning former President Trump’s current pickle with the DOJ. I think that he will come out of all this smelling like a rose and I think that he will run for President again 2024 and will win … and once he does, I believe the people who are doing their best to get him into trouble right now will kiss their political careers goodbye and we will have a new government that will have a Trump-supporting super majority and all that has gone before will be forever gone and there will be the dawning of a dark new day in what is left of The United States.

After watching the last Republican CPAC meeting, I have begun to wonder, “Is it possible that somebody like Viktor Orban could ever be appointed as Secretary of State for The United States?”

4 thoughts on “DOJ Under Fire To Release More Information About Seized Documents

  1. The BBC reported that ‘Many of the documents concerned the nuclear capability of the USA, and its ability to retaliate if attacked’. If that’s not Top Secret, I don’t know what is.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • I can tell you about our ability to retaliate and what I know is general knowledge and to sum it all up, in my opinion, our ability retaliate is …. well ….wanting.

    • I am sure the affidavit will be released when it is appropriate to do so but right now it is part of an ongoing investigation and if they release it too soon, it might jeaprodize the investigation in some manner.

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