Republicans Still Thirst To Gut Social Security

Republicans have had this sheet-drenching wet dream of eliminating Social Security for as long as I can remember. I can only imagine the ejaculations they must all enjoy at the thought of how they would split the massive multi-trillion-dollar Social Security fund up among themselves if they are ever successful in getting rid of the benefits and the payouts to those who depend on it.

Yes, Republicans want to dismantle Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid and every other so-called “Entitltlement Program” that has been keeping millions of Americans … including a few million who still vote for Republicans blindly, out of poverty for decades now.

I am writing about this right now because we are currently celebrating Social Security’s 87th birthday and chances are good that Social Security may not celebrate many more birthdays — especially if the f**king Republicans ever get their hands on the power to do away with it.

All these ordinary citizens … the Mr. John Q. Publics of the world, the avid supporters of Trumpism and its endless lies and all the other brainwashed worshippers at the altar of the would-be monarch of America still run out and vote for Conservatives without obviously being aware that by their vote they are helping to hurry the demise of what might be the most important government program in their miserable lives.

So what I am saying this morning, friends and neighbors is this: “Enjoy whatever government benefits you might be enjoying right now because if the right wing assholes ever get the chance, they will rob you of every cent of whatever benefit you are collecting and they will replace those stolen benefits with absolutely nothing …. throwing you into the street and under the bus.

Can you handle it? Read More Here. I hope that if you are reading this, you will open the link I just left for you and read that too.

2 thoughts on “Republicans Still Thirst To Gut Social Security

  1. Keep them poor, and they work for less wages. They might even fight each other to get work for a day’s pay. That’s how it worked in the ‘bad old days’, and they are coming back faster than we realise.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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