“Christian Fascism,” What Is It and Why Is It Dangerous To Democracy?

I know that you have been hearing about a movement rising rapidly in The United States called “Christian Nationalism.” It is all over the news most every day now. This movement is centered somewhere in the bowels of the American ideologies that embrace a new bastardized form of Conservatism … the kind of conservatism that was responsible for the rise of the so-called “Trump” doctrines …. the kind of conservatism that works from the basis of conspiracy theories and rogue interpretations of the Rule of Law and other anomalies now grabbing headlines everywhere and all the time. (The kind of conservatism that led to the January 6th riots at the U.S. Capitol in 2021.) (The kind of Conservatism that seems like it wants to tear down our Democracy and replace it with something sinister, something foreboding, something dangerous!)

The kind of Conservatism that forms itself into unruly and unlawful mobs that call for blood to be shed among enemies that they imagine populate the ranks of anyone who has a different view of the world than theirs. The kind of Conservatism that causes its advocates to create videos of a person campaigning for public office that shows the candidate fully armed, on a hunting expedition, to find and ostensibly shoot Liberals and leftists and Democrats. The kind of Conservatism that embraces violence as a tool in governing the nation.

The kind of Conservatism that wants to do away with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Environmental Protection Agency, Labor Unions, Public Schools — the list is long and if you want to know more then I strongly suggest that you open THIS LINK and read it.

You can find more information on what Christian Fascism is RIGHT HERE. I urge you to open the link and to study the information.

The problem as I see it is that it is now a fact that Christian Fascism is spreading like wildfire all over the United States and throughout the world. It is, in fact, surging like a deadly plague.

Read this for a closer look at what the movement I am talking about is:

(QUOTE) — “Christian nationalists believe that their country’s policies and laws should reflect evangelical Christian values, and culture war issues like LGBTQ rights, “critical race theory,” or immigration, are regarded as signs of moral decay that imperil the nation’s future. 

Christo-fascists take that one step further, and believe that they’re fighting primordial battles between West and East, good and evil, right and left, Christians and infidels. These two labels, however, sometimes overlap. ..” (END OF QUOTE).

The article from which the above quote is taken is found here:


When Tyranny finally overwhelms America, it will be remembered that it all began with something or someone wrapped in the flag and carrying a Bible …and you really need to read the following quote and the article that it came from too …

“(QUOTE) — “The book was a warning that an American fascism, wrapped in the flag and clutching the Christian cross, was organizing to extinguish our anemic democracy. This assault is very far advanced. The connecting tissue among the disparate militia groups, QAnon conspiracy theorists, anti-abortion activists, right-wing patriot organizations, Second Amendment advocates, neo-Confederates and Trump supporters that stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 is this frightening Christian fascism….(END OF QUOTE).

The quotation above comes from the following:


The nightmare is at hand, friends.

The America we all know and love is in mortal danger at the hands of servants of darkness.

We need to be vigilant. We need to learn to vote our best interests at the polls rather than pay attention to the propaganda from those who would enslave us to their evil new order.

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  1. I have been sounded a warning since Reagan brought all those “Christians’ into politics…I said then it was a mistake and it has just gotten worse. A ideology similar to the whole sharia thing. chuq

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