Mar A Lago Search Energizes Trump Base

I have heard two different arguments about the famous affidavit that brought about the FBI raid on Trump’s palatial Mar A Lago resort. One report says that the former president can release the affidavit if and when he wants to and the other report that I read says that early release of the affidavit might do something to hinder the ongoing investigation.

One thing is certain in my view ….the raid itself has stirred the Trump base up like never before and their rage is palpable. There have been calls to defund the FBI — some of those calls from sitting members of congress — and there have been reports that FBI operatives have reciieved death threats because of the raid … and one courageous soul even got himself killed after trying to storm an FBI facility in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In the meantime, the former president is still referring to the FBI action as a witch hunt (Sound familiar?) and he is still trying to baffle everyone with bull crap about the entire fiasco (As we have all witnessed in times past)– business as usual, I would venture to say.

If I have learned anything at all from what is happening around this Mar A Lago thing, it is this: The Trump Republicans are so far up into the realms of the darkness that has been scattered by Him and his administration, they will probably never see the light of day again. They are denying everything as usual … they are blaming law enforcement instead of being grateful for their diligence … they are becoming threatening … they have been issuing threats …They acting like the programmed puppets I believe them to be … so nothing new here, folks … moving on.

Trump, as might be expected, is crying foul and playing the innocent victim of those he apparently considers to be his political enemies …. I have heard this before. It is nothing new.

The Trump Republicans are always moving the goal posts for their idol, excusing everything that he does, hanging on his every word as though it were Gospel itself and blaming everybody in Washington and in the world for everything except for themselves. I think they see themselves as “Pure as the driven snow” no matter what is said or done in their ranks. I think the Christian Bible would describe most of them as “Whited Sepulchers.”

I am beginning to believe that modern day Conservatism is more of a religious cult than it is a political party. The more I hear them talk about their admiration and respect for Christian Nationalism and the more they sound like Christo-Fascists, the more I sense that they might actually be a cult.

I get the idea that modern day Conservatives embrace the ideology of white supremacy with an ever-increasing fervor. I believe that if they get too much power, the LGBTQ people and the disabled people and the poor people might actually lose their “White” status. Imagine what a humanitarian tragedy that would be.

One of the saddest things about the whole of the Trump affair is that he was, at one time, a democrat. I imagine that the reason he changed political parties might have been because he had some kind of epiphany one day and discovered that the idiots that he could most easily manipulate were on the other side of the aisle.

I mean it was them who invented the idea of the “Deep State,” wasn’t it? The idea that they are forever being persecuted by some invisible cabal hidden somewhere deep in the recesses of an invisible government that really runs the affairs of the United States … and possibly even the whole wide world as well. Crazy shit! The entirety of the American Conservative movement (With damned few exceptions in my opinion) are on track and moving toward some really crazy shit …including the dismantling of democracy.

When you get a minute, please point out the areas where I am the most wrong about all this, alright?

Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Mar A Lago Search Energizes Trump Base

  1. I agree with chuq that you got this 100% right. This kind of political fervour is cultist, and not so far removed from the likes of the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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