Escape The Wolf Pack

I remember when I was a brown-headed, gray-eyed youth lying on my back, on a grassy knoll, beside a flowing stream, in the middle of a forest a few miles from our home town.

I would often lay there, looking at the white puffy summer clouds in the blue sky above, wondering what the wider world was like and longing in my heart to explore as much of it as I could.

“Maybe I will build a raft and my friend, Tom, and I can sail it to Africa and live in the jungles when we grow up,” I used to fantasize.

When I got a little bit older and wiser, I discovered, soon enough, that I had somehow gotten mixed up in a pretty vicious little wolf pack affectionately known as “My human fellows” or “My contemporaries” or “My fellow journeyers.”

At a certain age, my marshmallow dreams of youth turned into nightmares of stark reality — people were generally assholes who desired to make sure that I never amounted to anything in life …. people unwilling to give me any breaks to easy my life’s adventures ….people wanting to get their hands on whatever I had gained ….backbiters ….hateful ….carnal-minded …filthy-talking …not at all the way I had imagined it as I lay on that grassy knoll all those years before.

It finally dawned on me that this “Wolf Pack” was intent on devouring me and scattering what was left of me to the four winds.

That is when I started to understand that real animals … the four-footed kind … are far more kind, understanding, dependable and loyal than any human could ever hope to be.

“Holding me back” seemed to have become the only ambition of those around me …. “Oh you will never accomplish anything worthwhile in life” …. “Oh you could never do a job like that one,” —“That is just a dream, you will never do anything like that.” That was the tone of the encouragement that I enjoyed from other people as I was growing up …. nay sayers. nay sayers everywhere.

One day I got tired of hearing the negativity and decided to become a wolf myself.

I did become a wolf … a big, strong, determined, powerful wolf.

Then when I walked among the other wolves, they respected me ….followed me …. sought my favor …

That is how I walked from the pure shit hole of poverty and desperation to a wolf with whatever I needed and wanted in life.

It is true that whatever a person can believe they can achieve.

It just takes a little wolf power to get the ball rolliing.

And wolf power is always the guaranteed reward of maintaining the burning fires of desire.

Thank me later.

2 thoughts on “Escape The Wolf Pack

  1. Most of the friends I made in my youth were nothing like that. They were encouraging, enthusiastic, and non-judgemental. I am still friends with them today, save those that have died of course.
    I count myself lucky.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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