Living The Ordinary Life

Are you living “The Ordinary Life” or do you see yourself as living “An Extraordinary Life?”

Is it a matter of a cup filled versus a cup half empty?

Is your analysis of your life accurate, or is it based on what you think it ought to be? Does your self-image reflect stark reality, or have you added certain contrived enhancements to your life image so that it can be more bearable for you?

We are all human, after all, and we are all subject to the fantasies and foibles common to the Human race.

What is the definition of an “Ordinary” life? Is it any different from the definition of the “Ordinary” person? When I write, “The average Mr. ordinary citizen” who am I talking about? The poor person? The rich person? The person of one ethnicity or another? I doubt if anyone has ever defined “Ordinary” as applied to either lives or people. I believe that the word, “Ordinary” when applied to persons or lifestyles has got to be closely associated, if not totally dominated, by the most popular of a set of generalized perceptions within a certain socio-economic hierarchy.

Because of this, I believe that, within the confinements of a specified socio-economic construct, there can, indeed, be a peck’s choice of either “Ordinary or Extraordinary” individuals, circumstances and what have you at any given moment in time.

My argument is that if a person merely “Exists” then that person is both ordinary and extraordinary — ordinary in the sense that the act of giving birth is an ordinary circumstance observable by all of a similar mindset and extraordinary in the sense that the birth of a single individual beats odds exponentially greater than the odds of winning a lottery game.

So be it “Ordinary” or “Extraordinary,” here we are for the time being. We exist right now.

My question then is, “Since existing presents a vast array of opportunities, are we going to let the best of those opportunities pass us by?”

My opinion is that if we vote for radical right wing Republicans in our elections …. and the trend seems to be heading in that direction ….we are going to miss a lot of potentially good opportunities; quite possibly even the opportunity to continue our own existence or to insure the existence of our future generations.

But something is working to poison the minds of millions of our fellow citizens and it seems to be slow and insidious, but it is also working …slowly, surely, steadily, toward the goal of undermining everything we have ever dreamed of or accomplished ….and it is a mind-numbing poison and it is being spread from beneath the tentacles of a many-headed monster whose name is “C o n s e r v a t i v e.”

3 thoughts on “Living The Ordinary Life

  1. I feel my life has been extraordinary at least to my mind……have made mistakes and have made some amazing adventures….would not change a thing. chuq

  2. My working life was anything but ordinary, as I worked for the emergency services for over 33 years. However, since I retired I have been very happy to live an ‘ordinary’ life. Walking my dog, taking photos, watching TV, blogging as a hobby, and staying calm and peaceful as much as possible.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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