Something In The Tree

There was definitely something in the tree and when Billy stared hard enough at it, he could see faint movement.

Billy squinted his eyes against the glare of the sun and stared even harder at the tree trying to figure out what was happening and what he was really seeing.

The more Billy stared at that tree, though, the more he began to think that maybe his eyes were playing tricks on him or that he was imagining things.

He knew that he had seen strange movement in that tree but the strangest thing about it all was that the movement didn’t really begin until he started to look away and then, out of the corner of his eye, he would see the movement again and his attention would be drawn back to staring.

That was the day that Billy was staring steadfastly at the tree.

Today, the word around town is that if you pass by that old tree, you too might see the movement.

They say that if you stare hard enough at the tree … just the way Billy did, you can see Billy inside of the tree with a look of horror on his face and with his hands trying desperately to claw his way out.

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