Monkey Pox

The bad news is that Monkey Pox, a vital disease, is ongoing. The malady seems to be slowly spreading across the globe. The good news is that Monkey Pox is not necessarily fatal, but presents a discomforting and usually painful inconvenience for those affected.

The disease is rampant in places like Nigeria on the African continent but it is slowly spreading across Europe and North America too. So far there have been about 34 thousand cases reported, but I do not have figures on the number of unreported cases that might be out there.

Monkey Pox has been declared to be an international health emergency by the people tasked with making such declarations so I guess we ought to be paying attention. There is an effective vaccine for the disease, so that is a positive.

Even though there is a vaccine, there have still been an average of one to three percent of people who have gotten the sickness who have died from it… but I hear that those cases had not received any treatment. So I am assuming that if someone gets the Monkey Pox, they should not refuse treatment. I guess that is going to play hell with the heads of the anti-vaxxers!

Monkey Pox is reported to be spread through skin-to-skin contact with infected individuals, and I have heard that even some pets can spread it to their humans as well.

Knowing this, I would be very careful about shaking hands with other people … I would be very careful who I had sex with … I would be wary of doing a lot of kissing and wrestling naked.

On top of all that, I think I would carry a hand sanitizer everywhere I go so that I can wipe down surfaces that I might touch or lean on …or sit on …clean door knobs before opening doors …clean the handles of shopping carts, faucet handles, toilet flush levers ….even the handles of silverware in restaurants. Of course, I am a natural-born germaphobe.

Since the disease can be spread via respiratory secretions, I am going to wear a face mask when I get into situations where I am going to be face to face with other people for any length of time. I definitely do not want their breath to deliver Monkey Pox to me during conversations.

When I go to the gym, I am going to be doing a lot of wiping down on exercise machines, on weight benches, on the weights themselves and on anything and everything that other people in the gym may have touched before me. Yes, this includes Pilates balls, baseballs, footballs, basket balls .. tennis balls, billiard balls and cue sticks …golf balls and clubs … every damned thing that other people might have handled before I got my hands on whatever it is.

I am definitely going to stay out of houses of ill repute too …and if I stay in a hotel, I will be doing a lot of my own precautionary cleaning.

I will also be wiping down surfaces on buses, trains, taxicabs, airplanes .. everywhere others may have been before me.

7 thoughts on “Monkey Pox

  1. The BBC News recently ran a ‘Question and Answer’ feature on Monkeypox. The Diseases Expert, when pressed by the presenter, finally admitted that “Most sufferers are gay men”.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • I am assuming that must mean that we should avoid physical contact with gay men …or that we should avoid getting in their faces for conversations .. or that we should avoid shaing their hands or letting them hug us ….but sometimes we just don’t know who the gay men are, do we? Some of them tend to hide their preference. This world is getting more and more difficult to navigate. Did anyone mention “Gay Monkeys?” Should we avoid having a monkey as a pet right now? LOL

      • They suggested that it was brought back by men travelling to Africa for gay sex, and that it was ‘not easily transmissible’. No doubt we will see a ‘new strain’ next.

        • Was it gay sex with monkeys? I am assuming that the first victims were radicalized conservatives.

  2. Basically I will be doing the same precautions I did for Covid……It is an easy do….but ignorance and stupidity may well prevail and help the disease spread. chuq

    • Ignorance and stupidity will definitely prevail and the disease will definitely spread and poliomyletis is right on the heels of Monkey Pox … and, of course, the Covid thing is not yet dead by any stretch of the imagination.

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