Unsealing The Affidavit

There is a lot of angst going on in high places about some magistrate weighing the decision as to whether or not to unseal the affidavit connected to the FBI raid on Mar A Lago some time ago.

The Department of Justice seems to be concerned that unsealing the affidavit at this time would, somehow, possibly negatively affect the ongoing investigation about the handling of the classified material removed from the Trump palace by the FBI.

Of course, everybody with half a brain should realize that if the unsealing of this document could cause harm to any ongoing investigation in the matter at hand, then it would be to Trump’s great advantage to have it unsealed.

I am sure the former president would have absolutely no objection at all to something that might mess up any investigation into anything that he might have had a hand in.

So if this thing gets unsealed and if the DOJ’s fears about unsealing it are correct, then the Trump factor will have won another battle of sorts and quite possibly might even provide more of an escape mechanism for anyone under investigation … if there is a need for an escape mechanism that is … nothing has been proven yet on either side as I can see … It is still only an investigation as far as I can tell.

If I were king of the world by common consent, I would decree that the affidavit remain under seal so that the DOJ can continue their vital work without any impediments being thrown in their faces.

I doubt if the Republicans would agree with me on this one.

4 thoughts on “Unsealing The Affidavit

  1. I believe it should stay sealed. Trump gets too much lee way and will stretch this as far as his lawyers can take it. chuq

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