Freedom At Risk

President Ronald Reagan said once, “”Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

I agree with what President Reagan said back when he said it.

But times have changed and what President Reagan said back then needs to be updated a little bit.

Here is what the quote from President Reagan needs to say today:

“Freedom is never more than one election away from extinction.”

Chew on that for a minute.

We are one election away from handing over the entire government of The United States to a radicalized political movement that doesn’t even resemble, in the slightest detail, the old Republican Party.

We are one election away from handing over our traditional freedoms, our safety, the security of ourselves and our loved ones, to a sinister political movement calling itself, “Republican” but that is, in all reality, quickly developing into a dark and dangerous form of evangelical Christian fascism determined to burn present-day America to the ground in the hopes that it will rise again in the image of a bestial Orwellian oligarchy headed by a demigod dictator — a new order — a cultic new political regime with hatred, destruction, revenge, murder, thievery and misery as its cornerstone.

The rabid, frothing-at-the-mouth hounds of hell in the guise of Patriotic right wing Americans are gnawing away at the very foundations of our democracy and, without some kind of miracle happening, the whole thing will come crashing down on all our heads sometime around the year 2024.

In the ranks of American Conservatism right now, even as I speak, a form of mass insanity is taking root … it is hateful … it is poisonous to the mind …it is dangerous to the country and to the soul ….It is a spreading malignancy …it is raging …it is insurrectionist …it is a form of degeneracy that well defines the characteristics of the Biblical Antichrist …and it might well be the end of all human life on the planet if the idiocy that propels it gets into nuclear confrontations with others of like mind around the world.

In the radicalized Right Wing of America’s government, the blind are leading the blind and if something isn’t done about it, they are going to fall into the ditch of despair and carry all the rest of us along with it.

Remember that voting has consequences.

I believe that a vote for a conservative … any conservative right now is a vote against everything that Americans have always dreamed of, fought for and died for.

2 thoughts on “Freedom At Risk

  1. Yes, you are correct, John. The same applies in quite a few other countries at the moment, as well as America.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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