7:23 AM, Eastern Standard Time, USA —– I have noticed recently that Google has started indexing “Liming’s Links. At present, Google has granted me 8 references on their index so that other people, searching for stuff on the Internet can find me. I am grateful for that. I thought Google was never going to start indexing me. It appears that their logarithms must think that I am producing their idea of “Quality” work right now ….. and that is alright with me, I can assure you of that!

At the same time, I have also noticed that my blog is being honored by visits from more countries from around the world. These most welcome visitors include: The United Kingdom, Trinidad, Tobago, Romania, Kenya, India and China. I do note also that my blog has been more popular lately from every other country except the United States. I have more visitors these days from the UK than from the US …. and that is fine with me. I welcome anyone who visits here with open and grateful arms.

Today’s changes to the blog …. and as anyone who knows me can testify, I am never satisfied with how the blog looks and I am always adjusting it ….Today’s changes to the blog are designed to reflect the appearance of the very first blog ever to appear on the Internet … and that would be “Justin’s Links.” I hope that everybody can read the blog now that I have changed it again and I hope that if anyone is having problems reading it, they will surely tell me.

I want to leave a note of assurance to all fellow bloggers who leave “Likes” on my blog posts. I want you to know that I never leave a “Like” on a blog post unless I have read the entire post, word for word. I do not skip read, I do not speed read. I read slowly and deliberately so that I can chew what is being written and so that I can mull over it, think about it, appreciate it. I just wanted to tell you all that because all of you produce what I consider to be outstanding stuff and I can tell you that if I did not mean every word of that, I would never have added your blog to my recommended reading list.

2 thoughts on “20/August/2022

  1. I can read this new style with no problem, John.
    I also never just ‘like’ a post without reading it. After all, once I have read it, I might not like it! 🙂
    Although I have no idea about Google Indexing, I just Googled ‘beetleypete’ for the first time ever. There are 7 pages of references/links to my blog, which surprised me.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • If you live long enough and if you blog regularly you will be surprised to find, someday, that you are getting hundreds of indexes on Google. Back in 2001, when I started “American Linberal Times” on Blogspot (Blogger), I managed to start getting 400 or more visitors in a day and my Google index grew to more than a thousand. But that was then and this is now. I am happy with the way thing are going.

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