How I Have Won Lottery Prizes Up To Three Times In A Single Week

I am talking about the lottery games where you scratch the surface of the tickets to reveal winning numbers.

These are the secrets that have made me a winner at least three times in a single week and have given me prize winnings of up to $500 in that time span.

I am not suggesting that you gamble. Please do not get the idea that I am recommending anything to you. I am merely sharing information about something that I have experienced, so do not run out and buy lottery tickets based on what I am telling you here. What has worked for me will not necessarily work for you.

My first secret is this: I do not change my mind when I am looking at buying a lottery scratch off ticket. I always buy the first one that catches my attention and I do not look at the first one that catches my attention and then decide to buy a different one. I always buy the first one that catches my eye. I am a firm believer in the power of intuition.

This is the same reason that I never change my set of numbers when playing the regular lottery games where numbers are drawn by the lottery and posted as winning combinations. I believe that sticking with my original set of favorite numbers gives me a far better chance of winning some kind of prize than would be the case if I were constantly purchasing different combinations. Thus, if I like the combination of 12-25-42-45-64 in a regular lottery game (and those are NOT my particular choice of numbers but are a set of numbers I made up specifically for this blog post —Do not copy these and expect them to win anything for you — if you are goingfibrilation to play these kinds of games, my opinion …. my opinion …MY OPINION… is that you should select your own set of favorites based on your own sense of intuition. Of course you should never depend on my opinion about anything either. It is critical that you understand this.

Throughout this entire post, I am talking about what has worked for me. What has worked for me may never work for you . Get that through your head right now.

The other thing that has always worked for me — the thing that has helped me to come home with three wins in a week before is this: I never buy just one of any scratch off ticket that I am interested in. I always buy a minimum of Three. That is to say that if I am playing a lottery scratch off game named, “Three Tailed Tom Cat” (I made that up) I always buy Three of the “Three Tailed Tomcat” tickets at the same time. Sometime it works and sometimes it does not. But I firmly believe that this is what has worked for me.

But like I said at the beginning, do not depend on it for your own purposes.

Everything about a lottery is totally random. There is no known “System” that actually works according to the experts.

But I cannot argue with what I have experienced.

I am just sharing for your entertainment.

Do not try any of this at home.

3 thoughts on “How I Have Won Lottery Prizes Up To Three Times In A Single Week

  1. I have never bought Scratchcards, but I do play the National Lottery with the same numbers every week. I think it would be bad luck to change them now.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • It is highly recommended that we keep our numbers the same … changing them increases the already outrageous odds against us exponentially.

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