The Mar A Lago Raid Might Have Been Just What Trump Needed


A lot of people are holding their breath in anticipation that the raid on former President Trump’s palatial digs in Florida might just be the very thing needed to bring his political career to an end.

What those people fail to understand …. or do not wish to understand …. is that the raid on Mar A Lago by the FBI this close to an election might be just what Mr. Trump needs to fire up his base, increase his popularity even more than it has ever been and quite possibly cause him to win the Oval Office again in 2024.

I have watched Trump in action for a long time now and it always amazes me that every time it looks like he is knee deep in some kind of shit, he always manages to come out smelling like the proverbial rose. Have you noticed it too? I call that the operation of a real “Slick Willy” and I am pretty sure it is that ability to manipulate circumstances that helped him greatly as he was building his financial empire … and during the election where he took the presidency against what appeared to some people to be against all odds.

There are some folks out there who say of the FBI raid on Mar a Lago, “The FBI just got Trump re-elected!” I happen to believe there might be a whole lot of truth in that statement.

A few short weeks ago, it looked like Trump was falling out of favor in the world of politics, that some of his base were getting tired of his antics and were thinking of moving on and now, with the FBI raid, it looks like his base and the entire Republican establish is suddenly rushing to his defense again.

I do not want to play the fool here and I am not interested in starting a new conspiracy theory but somewhere down deep in my intuitive gut, I am entertaining the question, “Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out, someday, that this whole “Raid” thing was orchestrated by the former president himself as a way to gain public sympathy and catapult himself back into the White House again?”

I mean to say, “After all, Trump has referred to himself as a “Stable Genius,” has he not?

What could be more proof of his genius than for him to pull something like what I am suggesting here?

4 thoughts on “The Mar A Lago Raid Might Have Been Just What Trump Needed

  1. Yes, it got him back in the limelight at exactly the right time.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • I have no idea why I am suddenly Anonymous on your blog, John. It hasn’t happened anywhere else.

      • It has nothing to do with the settings on my blog. I have not set any requirements for anyone to comment on my blog … anyone can comment ..there are no qualifiers …I do not understand why the algorhythms have assigned anon to your status. Please ask Happiness Engineers why this is happening.

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