The World’s Rivers Are Evaporating Away.



And as the rivers continue to dry up so will the lakes and finally the oceans themselves. It is all because of climate change. The Republicans and a lot of people who make gigantic profits from polluting the atmosphere do not believe in climate change …. and if they do believe in it, they are not about to try to do anything to halt it because to do so would threaten the flow of their egregious bottom line profiteering.

The climate crisis that is drying up the earth’s water resources is upending the lives of millions of people around the globe but upending lives is not the worst of what is yet to come —- If some miracle doesn’t happen to reverse the effects of climate change on the world’s waters, human existence on the planet may be in serious danger of evaporating right along with the water.

Here is the worst part of this scene as I see it ….Not only are we all headed on a collision course with mass starvation around the globe because of the water issue ….. water is needed to grow food crops and if the water stops so do the crops …. there is no way around that.

But mass starvation is only the tip of the iceberg and only the beginning of travails for the planet.

If this thing is not brought under control, I believe we will see a chain-reaction of events set into motion, in the very near future, that will create a clone of the Planet Mars eight here where the lush and living Earth once was.

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  1. You could well be right, John. But I doubt either of us will live to see it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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