The Screen Was Blank And It Blew My Mind

I looked at the blank page on my blog editor and thought to myself, “This damned page is blank and it should not be!”  I thought to myself again, There should be something written here …a few words, a sentence, a paragraph perhaps — maybe a bunch of paragraphs.”

But there was nothing written there.

“This is f***ing frustrating,” I said silently to myself, “There needs to be something written on this damned blank blog page.  Otherwise what good is it to even have a blog?”

To tell the truth, the fact that there was nothing written on the blank page was beyond simple frustration.  It caused a crawling sensation in my scrotum … a crawling sensation that mere scratching would not fix.

So I stared at the blank screen for awhile lamenting the fact that it was blank.  I even apologized to the blank screen because I instinctively understood that if a blank computer screen does not get something written on it for a long time, it begins to feel sad, dejected and even depressed.

But if you have gotten this far reading this, you will know that the computer screen is happier now.

My scrotum stopped itching too.

3 thoughts on “The Screen Was Blank And It Blew My Mind

  1. Best to have the idea for a post before opening a blank page, I reckon. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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