Americans Urged To Leave Ukraine

The U.S. Government (The sane part of the U.S. Government) is urging Americans who are in Ukraine — for whatever the reason — (and I can’t think of any good reason for any American to be there right now … or ever … except maybe to vacation during peacetimes …to get the hell out while they can!

It appears that somebody in The U.S. Government has gotten their hands on a working crystal ball and the crystal ball is predicting that Russia may (Might) (Coulda, woulda, shoulda) attack Kiev with a new intensity that would make former attacks look like Sunday School picnics. (I think the Russians might be planning on doing a little more killing, murdering and destroying) in Ukraine in the coming months …. of course, I do not have a crystal ball …. and the balls that I do have are not made of crystal either.

The Ukrainians cancelled their Independence Day celebrations which were supposed to happen soon …. or maybe they have already happened ….I don’t know … I don’t keep up with this stuff very much …..they cancelled the celebrations out of fears that the Russians might intensify their attacks …..especially against the capitol city of Kiev ….. a city that has been relatively safe for the past few weeks ….. Actually I don’t understand why the Ukrainians think that Russia might take such nasty measures ….. I mean, after all, the Ukrainians and the Ruskies are more or less kissing cousins, aren’t they? —- Like Cora Peller once asked, “Where’s the beef?” (Google Cora Peller if you want the skivvy on that one.)

Anyway, the U.S. Government is warning any Americans remaining in Ukraine to get the hell out while the getting is good ….and to that warning I would like to add another …. “You American military heroes who have left your families in America to go and fight in Ukraine ought to think about getting out of there too … Your families back home love you and need you.

3 thoughts on “Americans Urged To Leave Ukraine

  1. They need to be told? Plus apparently the US government is not liking the chances of Ukraine winning this thing….and after all the money and weapons we poured into the country……BTW….”Told You So”! chuq

  2. You would think they wouldn’t need to be told, but then some people are just reckless.
    They will go crying to their Embassy when it is too late to extricate them.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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