The Threat Is Always Present

I cannot believe that after what Americans were forced to suffer under the last Conservative Administration, they might consider actually choosing a repeat performance.

The National Memory must either be very short or someone is practicing “Head-In-The-Sand” selective amnesia or Rightie propaganda is paying off for the 1% and those who would take America back to the Political Dark Ages again.

I read one report that said that Americans are divided over the economic policies of President Biden and that the split is something like 40 percent for and 39 percent against with 19 percent undecided or something like that.

Here is what I will predict and I hope that everyone who reads this blog will hit the “Save” or the “Print” button on this one and keep it around for future reference.

I predict that if America puts another Conservative Administration into the White House and that if America does not keep control of The House with the Democrats America hasn’t seen anything yet about what deprivation and suffering can actually mean.

The plans the conservatives have for America that I have been hearing on the evening News and everywhere I look and listen are, in my opinion, absolutely Draconian.

 If America gets a real and significant taste of Conservatism Austerity, there will be exponential buyer’s remorse in no time at all like never before.

In fact, I believe that if this tragedy were to happen, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth in every corner of our blessed Republic.

I believe that within a year of a Conservative take over of our government there will be such a hornet’s nest of buyer’s remorse stirred up that it will be both incomprehensible and indescribable but by that time, it will be too late.  By that time, America will be lost forever.

I think the middle and lower-income classes will be absolutely decimated and devastated by all the planned “Take Aways” and I think the possibility of a dark depression sweeping like a tidal wave of despair over this land is a distinct possibility–like nothing we have ever seen before.

The Political Lemmings simply have got to get their heads out of the sand and take a close look at what is happening right under their noses and spread the word that Radical Rightie is on the march again and could well have the most adverse impact on this Nation in all Her long and glorious History.

The time to worry about how Radical Conservatism plans to take our Democratic Republic down is not after people have gone out and voted their anger and frustration.

The time to think about how to keep America on the upswing that She has begun to experience in the last 25 months or so is now…before the elections…and at the voting booths.

I am convinced that within a few months of a Conservative sweep in 2024 America will be in a deeper hole than ever with far less prospects of recovery than ever and I simply cannot believe that People would allow that to happen to themselves and their heirs.

Please, America…do not make me say “I told you so” after the elections of 2024

For God’s sake, America…wake up!

The fucking wolf is at your door again and his name is “Republican.”

2 thoughts on “The Threat Is Always Present

  1. I agree….this is not looking good for the country…..all because ignorance and stupidity are running rampant. chuq

  2. Republican voters need to heed the old saying, ‘Be careful what you wish for’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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