America Was Probably Discovered More Than Once

Forget, for a moment, everything you have ever been taught about Christopher Columbus discovering America.

The Vikings from Greenland landed in Newfoundland in the year 1,000 AD … somewhat before Columbus ever made his historic journey.

But wait, there is more!

When the Vikings arrived in Newfoundland, they found no one there and concluded that no one had ever been there so they were content to believe they had discovered a new land.

What the Vikings from Greenland did not know was that at the same time they were landing in Newfoundland, the Newfoundlanders were landing on the shores of Greenland.

The two peoples had passed each other on their seaward journey without ever noticing one another.

So the Vikings from Greenland discovered America and the Americans (The people of Newfoundland discovered Greenland at about the exact same time.

Columbus didn’t actually discover anything.  He just stumbled onto the island of Hispaniola in 1492 or thereabouts and began mistreating the natives and looking for gold … setting the stage for the tragedies that befell the original indigenous peoples of The United States as well as the great gold rush of the 1850s.

And that concludes my scholarly treatise designed to correct some of the misconceptions about History.

I also believe there is adequate geological and anthropological evidence to prove that the early Egyptians visited Biloxy, Mississippi in the time of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra because I read somewhere that an ancient pyramid had been discovered at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico ….

And, of course, there is no disputing the fact that every one of us who was born here discovered America on the day that we came into this world …so why then, are most of our names excluded from the History books?

I think those exclusions were deliberate and had something to do with some kind of manipulation at the hands of American Radical Conservatives.

I am working on a new story right now.  I am working on a story claiming that no one ever died during the American Civil War but that the whole thing was a hoax and that all the so called evidence that it happened was manufactured so that American wealthy attorney, Lincoln and his contemporaries could extend the railroads all throughout the south without having to pay for the land they used to build the tracks on.

But that is another story.

4 thoughts on “America Was Probably Discovered More Than Once

  1. In the 1960s, I was taught at school about vikings landing in Canada. It has been well-known here.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. It is hard to discover something that people already live there…..I have heard it is a Maya pyramid in the Gulf or is it Florida? chuq

  3. 🙂 Rediscovered would be the right term to use because a region can only be discovered once.

    I do get the gist of the message in your blog post.

    Also, the history that is being taught at schools is severely flawed.

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