Eyebrows Aren’t Everything

The first thing I noticed about the woman sitting across from me at the bar was that her eyebrows were somewhat darker than her hair.  It didn’t strike me as too unusual because a lot of people enhance the color of their hair and their eyebrows.

This woman’s eyebrows were more horizontal than some that I have seen before, and they enhanced the depth of her blazing blue eyes greatly.  The effect was almost hypnotic.

For some reason, it struck me that this lady was more of what you might consider to be “Handsome” than she was “Beautiful.” That gave me a little twitchy chill for a second and then it passed.  I have heard some British people refer to some attractive women as “Handsome.”

The woman’s face was captivating in a manner of speaking and her expression was rather serious and set.  She was engaged in a lively and animated conversation with another lady as they sipped their drinks.

I thought to myself, “That woman is very mysterious to me … almost engaging.

I motioned the bar tender over closer to me and I whispered, “Who is that gorgeous young woman over there?”  I nodded my head slightly in her direction so that the bar tender could see who I was talking about.

The bar tender replied, “Why, that’s Vine Street Betty … and oh by the way, “She” is not a she … she is a man … she is transgender.

I think that event took place just one day before I went to the optometrist to have my glasses adjusted.

5 thoughts on “Eyebrows Aren’t Everything

  1. 🙂 John, you can upgrade the prescription for your glasses as often as you want, but it is not going to prevent you from being fooled.

    Some transgender men undergo hormonal treatment in order for them to look more feminine.

    • One of the funniest women I ever saw was a tgransgender black man in a fire-red wig standing in front of a burlesque theater when I was in my 20s. In fact there was a whole group of them standing around … I think they might have been street walkers.

  2. In a dark bar with a couple of drinks inside you, that’s an easy mistake to make, John. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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