Things Happen When You Get Older

I guess my cellulitis is kicking up again tonight.  I have the tell-tale reddish rash on part of my left arm but it isn’t itching — but I believe the red patch is growing so I guess I will have to go to the VA Medical Center and have it looked at.

This is probably an example of oversharing.  But some blogs have enormous reading audiences and they specialize in oversharing.

I didn’t win the lottery again … but then I don’t have to.

Breakfast today was a breakfast sandwich made with an egg, a freshly-baked southern biscuit and shaved country ham.

I did my Two mile walk up and down some rather steep hills today because the weather is cooler now … comfortable really … and because I wanted to do it and because I can still do it.

My Reebok walking shoes are a big help too  … and no, I am not being compensated for mentioned the brand of shoe.

So here is my wish for you … all of you … whoever you are and wherever you are …. My wish for you is that you be in good health and that your are safe, comfortable, happy and blessed.

I will be back on here tomorrow if the Lord is willing and if the creek doesn’t rise. (That is an old Kentucky saying.  I use it even though I am more Texan than Kentuckian.)

7 thoughts on “Things Happen When You Get Older

    • Believe it or not you can reverse some of the effects of advancing age and feel like you are young again. Get with a local university and take some classes in Longevity or study about it on the Internet. If you have no disqualifying denominators in your socio-bio-psycho profile (Such as advanced disease or disability) then you can effectively turn back the clock on yourself (at least mentally to a degree where you can feel and function much younger than you feel) — and as time goes by, it is worth the effort. Three of the most important elements is (1) Think young, (2) Eat right, (3) Keep Moving. Other elements include: socialize a little now and then, have a pet as a companion (or a spousal person), (Or live with a supportive friend and support one another), practice positive affirmations, practice visualization techniques …You can do these things effectively if you can divorce yourself from other people’s expectations of how long we are going to live and of what we can and cannot do at advanced ages …I know of 91 year olds who still run every day for exercise, I know one 67 year old man who still lifts weights and body builds, I know of a whole group who get together and walk for miles at a time on nice days ..and in the concourses of malls when the weather is not too good … I, myself am 84 years old and I blew my doctor away at my last physical examination by doing 30 jumping jacks in her presence while never once getting short of breath … and according to all the charts, I am overweight and should not be able to do such things. If you have the will power you can make very advantageous positive adjustments to your own reality in concert with the continued observations and directions of your personal physician.

  1. I hope that rash clears up soon, John. That can be quite nasty.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Is this one of the comments that you have not seen appear on the blog or are there others and can you give me an example please? Thank you.

    • Is this one of the posts that are not appearing on the blog or are there others? Let me know please. Thank you.

  2. My favorite is biscuit, bacon egg and cheese…..getting older does suck in so many ways….my walk was cut short by heavy rain…..staying healthy is such hard work now a days… well chuq

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