How Drinking Water Keeps Me Young

First let me say that this blog post about drinking water is a story about my personal experiences as I perceive them and I am not recommending any course of action to anyone who might read on here … I am not a medical professional not copy anything I write about without consulting with your personal physician first … I hope you find my experiences with water to be interesting.

I have discovered that drinking pujre, fresh drinking water has been vital (Critical) for my very survival, for my somewhat youthful looks for my age (No visible wrinkles anywhere) and for my general state of health and feelings of well being.  I got dehydrated once and my doctor chewed me out and made me promist to watch my water intake.  I took his advice and have been going great guns ever since.

I am not going to claim that drinking adequate amounts of water is going to restore my calendar youth, but it sure does help keep my energy levels up, prevents me from being lethargic, helps to keep my plumbing clear and working well …I always make sure to drink at least half a glass of water every hour that I am awake or a total of at least 5 8-ounce glasses a day … and that is a minimum amount for me … if it gets hot out side or if I become extra active and sweat a lot I am going to be drinking more than my minimums …. I have done more than 64 ounces on some days when I was working at labor jobs.

In my co-adventures with my physician concerning the daily need for drinking water I discovered that coffee, tea, milk, soft drinks and juices do not meet the requirements and should not be included with the daily intake of water.  I thought that was odd since those things are liquids, but my doctor said no, use water when you are counting your intake and let those other things be additional.

I also discovered the common sense in having a water filter installed at my home to filter out some of the impurities found in common tap water and I discovered that drinking water from plastic bottles from a grocery store can result in me ingesting minute particles of plastic and other things that I do not want showing up in my bloodstream.

I also discovered that it is possible for a person to drink too much water and to suffer the effects of something called “Water Toxicity.

So this is how I enjoy my life and feel a lot younger than the calendar tells me I am. (Most of the time.)

There are other things that I do too … I will discuss some of them at a later time.

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  1. 🙂 Pure water certainly works wonders for the body.

    Water not only helps one’s skin to look younger, but it also helps you to feel energized.

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