Republicans Attacking Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Actions

I find it interesting that every single time a Democrat gets a bill passed into law that helps regular, ordinary, everyday, working class citizens out a little bit, the damned Republicans start screaming, bitching and moaning like somebody had just jammed a hot poker up their rear ends.

But if something gets passed by the government that will help the rich, the Republicans don’t have a single word of objection to it.  In that case, they just scramble to brag about how much they, themselves, had to do with making whatever it is into law.

Yes, folks, that is the Republicans for you … do something for the little guy and they piss and moan their heads off … do something for the rich guy and they can’t praise it enough ….Read more about this HERE … and try to keep in mind that when you go and vote for a Republican, the only way you are going to benefit from your vote is if you have a shitload of money.  Even the poorer steadfast Republicans always get the short end of the stick from their right wing overlords, but they are often too blind to see it or to believe it.

3 thoughts on “Republicans Attacking Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Actions

  1. Some members of our current right-wing government are always bitching about low-paid workers protesting, or striking. Yet they just accepted a substantial pay rise that puts their own salaries up to around £90,000 a year. (Plus expenses of up to £200,000 of course.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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