Are There Others Out There?

I need a haircut.  I have been more or less sequestered inside my house ever since the Covid 19 pandemic began.

I know there are people out there somewhere who are no longer wearing their masks.  I haven’t heard anything new from the authorities yet about whether we can safely go out yet.

I have gone to a couple of stores.

I have also gotten the covid and have recovered once.

They say I can get it again.

I would love to just go on about my business like before the pandemic.

What are YOU doing about it?

Share with me please.

1 thought on “Are There Others Out There?

  1. I go to some places not wearing a mask, and I haven’t got Covid yet. I wear a mask if I go to the doctor, or a hospital, and also in crowded areas where I am surrounded by strangers. I don’t have to go to the barber though, as I cut what is left of my own hair with clippers.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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