Blog Comments Are Screwed Up

Some of my dear blogger friends are reporting difficulties leaving comments here on Liming’s Links.

My friends are telling me that they are not being allowed to comment in some cases even though all my comment settings are totally open to anyone who wishes to comment.

I do not know what is causing this anomaly.  The engineers do not seem to be able to provide me with any solutions,.

Many other people are reporting the same thing to WordPress.

In one forum that I was reading, I was told that has been adjusting the commenting capabilities of our blogs …

I have made additional tweaks to my comment settings this morning…

As a test, please send me a comment on any of my posts that you choose to see if you have any problems getting your comment through to me.  Please do this again even if you have tried it before.

Thanks for your help, your understanding and your patience.

Respectfully and Gratefully Yours,

Blog Author


3 thoughts on “Blog Comments Are Screwed Up

    • The only thing that I am interested in at this point is that you can comment with ease. So are you telling me that the problem is sufficiently solved for you now? That would please me very much. By the way, what do you mean when you say that it is using a different name and email address, neither of which are associated with WP? Is it the name of a person… a stranger? If it is the name of a stranger I begin to wonder if your account might have been hacked. Do not reply to this message here onsite.,.. please use your Gmail or Email to respond to this one. (For security sake)/.

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