The False Heroism Of The Anti-Vaccination Crowd

There are some who actually hold the unvaccinated in some strange kind of awe and reverence.  Those who elevate the anti-vaccination crowd to some imagined plateau of heroism must be about as stupid as the vaccination refusers themselves.  But that is their problem.  It only becomes a problem for the rest of us when one of those unvaccinated idiots spreads the disease and infects us or our loved ones … and if the truth were known, that is probably why a great number of the rest of society got infected and some even died … because of the unvaccinated spreading the disease around.

People who are willing to die for an unproven fallacy spread by conspiracy theorists and who are willing to help kill their own loved ones by refusing to get protected against a killer pandemic have got to be some of the lowest form of humanity on the planet.  Nobody could be that damned dumb naturally.  They obviously swallowed the propaganda of their radical right wing associates and friends …. some of the least educated people that can be found anywhere.  The anti-vaxxers are not heroes because of their bravado, they are just plain dumb asses who are too selfish to do the right thing to protect themselves and those they love by getting their shots.

Science has proven the vaccinations against Covid and its variants to be totally safe but the anti-vax idiots are not into science or facts.  The “Facts” they follow are the facts that someone with no knowledge of what they are talking about have made up.  They reject actual science and go marching happily off to the nearest available ventilator or to the grave …. having died a death that need not happen in many cases ….because of radical right wing lies, deceptions, false science and coverups.

I find it entirely strange that the same people who refuse their covid vaccines will rush out to an emergency room or to a doctor’s office to seek medical help and at the same time say that they do not believe in medical science.

But you can’t talk sense to these people and if you try you are doing nothing but wasting your breath.  They live their daily lives in an alternate universe, a reality that they, themselves have built to justify their ignorance.  A reality that their conservative masters use every day to keep them dumb and voting.



8 thoughts on “The False Heroism Of The Anti-Vaccination Crowd

  1. My stepson is an anti-vaxxer, and refused all the innoculations. His conspiracy theory was that they were injecting ‘nanobots’ into us to control our thoughts. Four weeks ago, he became ill, and thought it was Flu. Then he took a test, and was positive for Covid. He was ill at home for over two weeks, but proudly proclaimed it was ‘surviveable’. But he is only 36, and relatively fit of course.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Covid is survivable. I had it also and I survived. Your stepson needs to be informed that covid can strike a person again and again. The next time he might not be so lucky. I am glad he got through this one alright.

  2. Saw your link to here after your last reply on my blog, John. Gottta say.. you sound like a bit of a lonely guy. Obviously not from this post.. but others here. Growing old makes finding relevance in life rather difficult.

    • Doug … I am not so sure I am a “Lonely” guy … I am as much of a recluse as I can be because I am not all that thrilled with the idea of socializing …I sure as hell am an eccentric old guy with a lot of rather virulent opinions … but that has been brought about by exposure to a world that seems to have become filled with darkness and hatred …But one thing I can assure you of is that I am absolutely thrilled that you chose to comment on Liming’s Links. Thank you.

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