Getting Real About Life And Living

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One of John’s exciting little virulent blog posts:
Be advised: Profanity abounds.

The whole world runs around every day being all concerned …..sometimes overly-concerned ….. about the trivial and mundane facts of Life.  The evening News is filled with it.  Almost every daily conversation centers around all those concerns.

People get all up tight and concerned about the war in Ukraine.  They get all hot and bothered about their financial situation, their social status, climate change, the economy, war and peace … the list of their concerns is endless.  If people can imagine something they will be damned sure to ruminate about it.

I am here to tell you that all the frustration in the world about what happens in the world every day is useless …. totally useless…. it serves no purpose at all except to enrich the manufacturers of nerve pills, to buy new luxury cars for psychiatrists and psychologists and to enrich the bottom lines of all those geniuses who have learned how to make a profit off other people’s miseries.

The world is not about any of the shit that people get all riled up and concerned about each day.

You want to know what the world is really about?  I will tell you.

The entire human race has only one real concern and everything else that happens, the wars, the times of peace, the failing economy, the rising economy, poverty, wealth, sickness, health, —- all of it boils down to one simple question, one simple equation … one eternal and unending quest …..It all resolves itself in mankind’s eternal preoccupation with the simple question, “Where is the next piece of ass coming from?”

Pistil and Stamen … penis and ovaries … those are the real important elements on which all life forms are focused always and obsessively. Those are the main things that all humanity is endlessly concerned about.

The modern radical American right wing conservative movement has introduced a couple of rather new elements into this equation …. They have added the search for something to get drunk or high on… and the all-important warm place to defecate.

Class dismissed

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