Couldn’t Help But Notice

I couldn’t help but notice that there are more people who leave “Likes” on my blog than there are who leave comments.  This leads me to wonder whether enabling comments on a blog is worth while or not?

So is a blog intended to be a vehicle where people enter into meaningful dialogue or is it a place for debate … or is a blog simply a place to do some reading …or to learn or to teach something?

Is interaction on a blog really necessary or worth while?

I notice that there are a shitload of blogs where comments are not activated.  It is frustrating to me sometimes because I often read something and want to respond to it and there is no way to do so because the blogger does not have his or her comments activated.

And then there is the problem of low quality comments … comments where the commenter says the least possible number of words to actually mean anything …like for example, a blogger writes a really long, detailed and informative post that obviously takes a long time to write and a lot of research to produce and the comments that come back amount to things like, “Interesting post.”

So what is the story from where you sit?

Can I get about 25 people to talk to me about this one please?

8 thoughts on “Couldn’t Help But Notice

  1. I Like posts but do not comment if I am not knowledgeable…..some commenters think they are smarter than you and will come to exercise their ‘muscle’…..I prefer those that read the post and not just the title… can tell by the comment. chuq

  2. Some people “like” just to get you to go to their blog, and they “like” a lot.

    I turned off the “like” button. Too much spam.

    Whether we get decent comments or not depend upon what we call a decent comment. Unless the commenter is just commenting to display hostility, I am happy — unless it is obvious they didn’t bother to read anything. In which case, they did themselves a disservice. There is something to that old proverb about keeping our traps shut if we wish to be considered wise.

  3. That is always the way with blogging, John. I might get 45 likes on a post, but only 20 comments. Some people just have nothing to add, others are too busy to bother to comment.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. 🙂 Truthfully, not everyone is into commenting.

    In regards to receiving short comments, it could be a case of a commenter not reading the article.

    Also, some people are more comfortable pressing the “Like” button than actually leaving a comment.

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