Questions About Economic Inflation Raise Terrors In The Hearts of Victims

It is no longer news that The United States is going through a troublesome period of inflation … perhaps even the worst bout of inflation in decades.

So there are naturally going to be a lot of anxiety and trepidation about this state of affairs… especially among the citizenry, so let us explore some of these concerns a little bit in the hopes of getting a better grasp on what is happening and what can be done about it.

As prices soar and the value of wages and income decline under inflation’s various pressures, some people begin to worry if they will be able to make it through the duration of the problem.  The specter of losing everything ever worked for raises its ugly head in some households, and the threat of being impoverished becomes a very real potential for many … especially for those in the lower wage-earning categories.  “If this keeps up, we are going to lose everything we have and be out on the streets” is something that I am hearing from more and more concerned people these days.

Then there is the concern among a lot of families that they might have to seek assistance from welfare departments or charities or from neighbors and friends or from food stamps and other such relief programs.  In fact, even now, as I write, there are some people who have never in their lives sought help from these resources but who are now appearing at good giveaways in their late model automobiles, loading up on free food … and I see more and more people in the grocery stores agonizing over the fact that their welfare food purchase  cards have expired and they stand helplessly by the check-out as store clerks restock the items they are unable to afford.

If inflation continues unabated, at the levels where it is today, and if we get a Republican administration elected in 2024, millions of the families that I have been talking about here are going to find themselves in impossible circumstances because it is a Republican  “Thing” to dismantle as many social safety net programs, such as welfare and social security, as possible with no concern at all to the suffering it imposes on those who are either financially disadvantaged or those who are forced to survive from miserly paycheck to paycheck.

Even with this being the case, millions of devoted Right Wing Conservatives will still ignore all thought of personal loss and suffering and will rush out and vote for their Republican overlords anyway.  They have shown a history of shooting themselves in the foot at the voting booths.  The trouble is that when they vote against their best self interests in this way, they are voting for misery to descend on all the rest of us as well.

But you cannot reason with such people because they have listened to the Conservative poison long enough that I believe their brains are no longer capable of proper functioning .. and that they are trapped in an alternate universe of facts of their own making …and that they have lost all grasp on reality .. and they live in a wishful make-believe world where the promises of such people as former President Trump and His associates and followers offer a glowing promise of hope that fades quickly in the clouds of realization …

And then they blame democrats for everything.

But blaming democrats does not solve their problems.


3 thoughts on “Questions About Economic Inflation Raise Terrors In The Hearts of Victims

  1. It is the same here. It appears that most people affected so badly by the current economic situation actually voted for the Conservative government, and would vote for them again.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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