Conservatives Live In A Mindless Existence

I believe that in order to be completely safe in today’s virulent and divisive political atmosphere, it is extremely important for Liberals and Progressives to be fully aware of how just mindless right wing Conservatives have become in recent years.

Today’s Republican Party is certainly nowhere near the Party of Reagan.  It is fast becoming more like the party of Hungarian Dictator Viktor Orban.

Orban is the authoritarian Hungarian dictator who dismantled his country’s democracy and now operates as more or less supreme leader. READ IT HERE.

Orban was also one of the featured speakers at the Republican Party’s CPAC where he received standing ovations while talking about how the government of Hungary is run under his control.

This makes me believe that the mindless (Mind-numbed) radical factions of American Conservatism are wet-dreaming about turning The United States into an authoritarian government with a strong dictator at its head….I believe that  a man like former President Trump would fill the bill for that role nicely.

Remember that when you go to the polls to vote again …. that is, unless all the right wing gerrymandering and all their voter suppression efforts prevents you from voting again …. which is something I think they are working their asses off to achieve…. so they can stack the deck in the favor in the next election …. which I believe is their obsessive mindset.

2 thoughts on “Conservatives Live In A Mindless Existence

  1. Good advice….my problem is that the Right has been brain washed into believing the lies and the BS that has been drummed into them for 60 years. Issues means nothing to them. chuq

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